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Microfiction: Drabbles and Six-Word Stories

(Found on Google Images, serves as image for my Drabble Microfiction)Monsters Under the Bed    As I lay my head on my pillow, I feel uneasy. There's some sort of seeping feeling, as if I am going to be swallowed up by the ground at any moment. I look around my childhood room, analyzing the old trophies and posters I used to adore. These four walls protected me from danger, as they provided me shelter from the monsters outside. As I got older though, these monsters worked harder and harder to follow me in. So as I lay, looking around my childhood room, I feel the monsters have finally made their way under my bed.
Run    And I stood, watching him run.
Author's Note: Both of these microfictions have a very somber, somewhat dark tone. I used this approach because I feel it's more tangible to translate a sad attitude with fewer words than it would be for a happy one. I came up with both of these stories for this assignment, but found it relatively smooth to complete. For the &quo…

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